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We Are Growing!

We Are Growing!

Three years ago, nodSpecialists was founded to empower patient access to U. S. specialty physicians so patients are seen in “days” instead of weeks or months. nodSpecialists utilizes a proprietary digital health platform from to enable patients to access specialists on a timely basis.

Today (January, 2023), nodSpecialists offers services in 10 states (AZ, CO, KS, MI, MN, MT, NM, NV, TN, WA) for 5 specialties (infectious disease, endocrinology, nephrology, rheumatology and registered dietician). About 30,000 visits occur each year to patients in acute, post-acute and out-patient settings and over 50 medical facilities utilize our services.

Our practice offers a hybrid of in-person and telemedicine visits.

For providers interested in joining nodSpecialists, please reach out to Dr. Murthy, CEO at: