Kevin T. Stephan, MD, FACP photo
Kevin T. Stephan, MD, FACP photo

Kevin T. Stephan, MD, FACP

  • Infectious Disease Specialist
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Meet Kevin T. Stephan, MD, FACP

Dr. Stephan is a board-certified Infectious Disease specialist. Previously, he served as Chief of Infectious Disease and Chief of Medical Specialties at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Duluth, MN, where he also served in several leadership capacities including the Board of Directors and Medical Executive Committees. He was active in antibiotic stewardship and telemedicine outreach to community and rural hospitals.

Lt. Colonel (ret) Stephan served 23 years in the US Air Force, where he ran the USAF HIV Evaluation Program, served as subject matter expert to the USAF Surgeon General on STIs, and was active in patient care, research, and teaching, as well as global and humanitarian healthcare. Dr. Stephan has received recognition by both his patients and peers – awarded PRC 5-Star Excellence for being in the top 10% of Infectious Disease physicians nationally in overall quality of patient care, and was chosen by colleagues as the top Infectious Disease physician in the region in Duluth Superior Magazine.

When not working, Dr. Stephan enjoys trail running, cooking and spending time with family.


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