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Reverend Jose Valenzuela photo

Reverend Jose Valenzuela

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Meet Reverend Jose Valenzuela

Rev. Jose Valenzuela is the Lead Chaplain with Chaplain Jose Spiritual Care.

Chaplain Jose is an ordained Lutheran Pastor who brings extensive experience working with individuals in troubled times. With more than 25 years of working with families, Chaplain Jose offers a unique set of gifts during difficult times. His work as a youth pastor in Brooklyn, NY during September 11, as a family pastor in Phoenix, AZ during the housing crisis and Great Recession and a frontline Pastor and Chaplain during COVID-19 has enabled Chaplain Jose the opportunity to provide Spiritual Care to many people.

Chaplain Jose takes a holistic approach to chaplaincy. Using his experience as a youth and family pastor, denominational executive, Spiritual Care supervisor in acute care settings, crisis pastor, and professional chaplain, Chaplain Jose is able to connect with people and bring about calm in times of crisis. His schooling includes undergraduate studies at University of Texas, El Paso, seminary training at the Lutheran Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, TX, and Clinical Pastoral Education at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix AZ.

For the past 15 years, Chaplain Jose has worked in the medical field providing new and innovative approaches to Spiritual Care. He brings a solid theological background enhanced by his studies of spirituality and religion across the globe. When you work with Chaplain Jose, you can be assured that your personal spiritual well being and spiritual journey will be the primary focus. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Chaplain Jose developed the practice of Outpatient Spiritual Care that is accessible virtually. He actively meets the spiritual needs of individuals during this time of uncertainty and rapid change.

Chaplain Jose has added to his personal skills of chaplaincy over the years by learning about the many traditions and spiritual practices around the world. He has traveled to India multiple times on personal spiritual pilgrimages, studies under a Guru in Varanasi, India, and leads healing retreats to India. Chaplain Jose and his team are already planning post-COVID healing retreats to India.


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